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To so many people, a car is a significant investment that comes second only to the ownership of a home. So, it makes good sense to want to do everything in your power to preserve your car in optimal condition and in the process, derive as much value in driving pleasure, safety, and comfort as possible.

Regular Subaru Servicing/Maintenance Repairs And Performance Upgrades

Subaru Servicing SydneyIf you’re a motoring enthusiast and a lover of Subaru cars, then you know that following regular inspections and maintenance services that are found in the Subaru Maintenance Guide, is the best way to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly for many years.

There are many ways you can benefit when you take your car to a certified Subaru service center. You expect to get not only quality maintenance and service but also the input of a well- trained technician, who will keep your vehicle operating at peak efficiency.

As a result, your car reduces emissions, maintains optimum fuel efficiency and improved performance. Quality support ensures you prevent larger and more expensive repairs while you operate your car and this translates to boosting your vehicle’s resale value, should you wish to sell it at some point in the future.


Subaru Specialist Mechanics

Here in Sydney, you will come across many Subaru repair service centers that boast to know everything there is to know about Subaru cars. A visit to A1 Tuning and Performance will reveal why it’s the leading workshop when it comes to handling Subaru service.


Experiance Counts


With experience spanning over 30 years, A1 Tuning and Performance will bear the intricate details of any Subaru car, service and maintenance requirements. They have raced Subaru’s, driven them as drivers and have provided repair services to racing world beaters including the WRX/STI engines and the full Subaru range of vehicles. They have also performed upgrade tuning on many WRX/STI models and in the process acquired a massive base of enthusiastic Subaru owners, who have elevated their reputation. But the tour de force of A1 Tuning and Performance remains the tuning and performance upgrades with the range of vehicle servicing they do.


What is A1 Tuning and Performance?

At A1 Tuning and Performance, tuning a Subaru Impreza WRX/STI is a performance bargain. Moving from a 0 to 13.5 seconds to cover a quarter mile is as fast as any WRX they’ve tested. And the average WRX/STI model is reasonably cheap compared to many other performance vehicles. Using their modifications, they’re able to add more power ranging from 300 + horsepower at a very reasonable price, to the Ridiculous power when required.


Here’s how they do it:

Step 1:

Getting more air into the Combustion chamber is very important. Every mechanic will tell you that getting more air into the combustion chamber will produce more power. Using better flowing cold air intakes or modifying your existing air box to receive the air flow required, also by inserting a low-restriction air filter and Silicon intake pipe under the intake manifold can aid in the induction process. These items combined with a better free flowing exhaust and tune will give considerable increases in performance.

Step 2:

Installing a HITECH or INVIDIA Exhaust System. Next is to install the exhaust of your choice. And all it takes is a few nuts bolts and clamps and an hour or so in time. The Power Levels will change and the engine note will also. Your vehicle will put out a soft growl at idle without being necessarily loud. But your Kw and Torque out puts will have increased. The stainless-steel Exhaust System is guaranteed to last and will not interfere with Subaru warranty.

Step 3:

Dynamometer Tests and Tuning. This is a tool to measure the increase in horsepower/Kilowatts. The car is placed on a dynamometer that is linked to a Programable ECU. The Dyno reads the out put of the engine via the tractive effort produced through the wheels.

Step 4: Tuning

To get more power A1 Tuning and Performance will reprogramme the vehicles ECU (2001 on turbo models). And this involves software and an access port. Typically the access port is connected to the OBD II plug under the dash area, and this eliminates or modifies factory programming. A1Tuning and Performance with many years of experiance in tuning and performance upgrades can give you remarkable increases in power and torque figures from this type of vehicle modifications/Tuning. Increases of 25 to 35% are quite common with these few modifications.

Step 5:

Another form of modification is the fueling system, with out this upgrade the vehicle will not perform correctly as it will lean out under hard throttle applications and engine damage will occour. We also recommend replacing the factory fuel pump with the appropiate after market unit. A1 Tuning and Performance has many years of experience with Subaru servicing and covers over 30 years of combine general and specialised repairs and modifications to many different makes and models of vehicles and during this period they’ve performed a broad spectrum of duty that includes:

  • Subaru WRX/STI engine rebuilds. 
  • High Performance Modifications. 
  • Gear box repairs and Swap upgrades 
  • Clutch Replacement 
  • Fuel system upgrades 
  • Suspension repairs and Upgrades 
  • General Servicing to all the Subaru Range 
  • Servicing many makes and models of other vehicles
  • When servicing we perform a very wide spectrum of duties to your vehicle.

Some of these may include:


  • Engine oil and filter change 
  • Gearbox oil flush and change 
  • Differential oil flush and change 
  • Coolant removal, thermostat replacement
  • Coolant change
  • Alternator Belt Replacement 
  • Air Conditioning belt replacement 
  • Brake Fluid Flush and Change 
  • Clutch Fluid Flush and Change 
  • Spark Plug Replacement 
  • Compression Check  
  • Upper Cylinder Cleaner  
  • Top and Bottom Radiator Hose
  • Check and Replacement Hand Brake Adjustment 
  • Air Filter Replacement  
  • Fuel Filter Replacement 
  • Replacement of The Timing Belt,
  • Water Pump, Idler Pulleys, Cam Seals, Timing Belt Tensioner  
  • Clutch Replacement  
  • Brake Disc and Brake Pad Replacement 
  • Power Steering Fluid Flush and Replacement 
  • Battery Load Check and Top up of fluid 
  • Washer Bottle Check and Fill 
  • Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly Check 
  • General Vehicle Inspection,
  • Nut and Bolt Check and Retention

The repairs and modifications for all Impreza models, servicing, Tuning and WRX/STI -Builds and upgrades, Performance tuning for all engines- Oil and lube-Gearbox Differential, and all vehicle driveline repairs-Quality are Services You Can Bank On.

If you’re a Subaru enthusiast living in Sydney, or other parts of Australia, and are looking for an Automotive service repair garage that is highly experienced and Recommend by many, especially in Subaru maintenance, performance upgrades or general vehicle maintenance, then look no further.

Subaru Speciaist Reputation

Here at A1 Tuning and Performance expect to find a professional Subaru Mechanical Specialist. They offer such high-quality services that their reputation has spread outside Sydney and beyond. If you watch with dismay as other motorists overtake you with their souped up cars, and sometimes even a crawling tractor climbing a hill seems faster than you, at A1 Tuning and Performance, you can put your fears to the rest.

Once they’re through with your car, you will get a noticeable jolt from the newly found power and awesome sound from your engine.

As you prepare to step on the gas with caution. As the leading Western Sydney’s preferred Automotive garage of choice, this means that you can leave your car in trusted hands and expect an outcome that will leave you smiling. And that’s not all, A1 Tuning and Performance can organise the pick up of your vehicle when damaged or broken (Conditions Apply) Repairing them and returning them back once completed if required. So, if you have a busy daily schedule, and your car is off the road, all you need to do is pick up the phone and make a call.

A1 Tuning and Performance does not restrict its services to Subaru models alone. Other Vehicle makes and models are also welcomed and given the same quality service, repairs and TLC similar to all Subaru models.

A1 Tuning and Performance  Contact Details:  

David Dick  Mobile: 0418 648 105 


5a Emmetts Farm Rd.  

Rossmore NSW 2557

Ps: Please call before going to see them as they are often out picking up and delivering vehicles        

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