Google Panda And Penguin

While previous updates have had some serious impact on the search queries, the webmasters are not ready for the next really quickly! But, what do we hear here? One of our so-called ‘secret agents’ has reported that Google is soon going to roll outs its Penguin and Panda update! Is it really true?

Is the News Really True?

Pull up your socks and be ready to be the part of the game. We know you’ve tried hard to bring your clients’ websites up in the Google search rankings, but the creator has decided to shuffle things a little bit, as it does after every short period of time (well, good for everyone we should say!). The exercise, per Google, is good for the portals that are working genuinely, and to push down the spammers.

Coming back to the news and conforming the fact that if it is right or not, we have something to say!

Yes, indeed the news is really true, if we do some serious web research, but only to find out what Matt Cutts has to say about the matter. According to some of the popular blogs and information available on the web, Matt Cutts has announced that Google is soon going to roll out its Panda update #25. In addition to this, news is also of a major Penguin update in 2013!

What All Can Happen?

Well, clearly saying the ball can roll either side; the update, of course, can be good for your portal or bad for it. At one end, webmasters are trying to play more and more with strategies to bring their portal up in the search engine; at the other, Google is constantly changing its algorithm to bring the best websites with best content up in the rankings.

Well, it can also be an eye opener for you in a way. If this update proves to be beneficial for you, you are definitely going in a right direction. And, on the other hand, if the update takes your website back to last pages, something is definitely wrong anywhere. You need to put all your efforts, again. Ironically, a lot of websites get shuffled after the update. We can only believe that it is happening for good. The update would result in better websites coming up in the search engine rankings and the spammers being pushed back. After all, as Google says, your website must provide value to the end-user, i.e., the reader. If it is doing so, the chances are that you are going to benefit from this update; else, you also might get pushed back in the search engine rankings.

Who All Can Be Affected?

 All we can say is that the best of the websites with unique content and genuine backlinks have good chance of having benefit from the upcoming updates. The ones that use wrong methods to create backlinks and the ones published less-valuable and plagiarized content might suffer. There are hundreds of possibilities, again! We can just wait and watch what is stored for webmasters in the coming updates over the coming year.

Wait and Watch is the Best Thing You Can Do

Of course, this is the best thing you can do as a webmaster. Let Google roll out its Panda and Penguin updates and see how the same affected you and the rankings altogether. All you need is to keep your eyes and ears open and analyze closely! Even if you are not able to analyze, Google will definitely have to say a word or two after each update!