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Ausgen and Powerlink Generators

I have been in the power generation field since completing my apprenticeship in 1983, in this time I have sold, serviced, hired, repaired, bought and installed many brands of power generators

In 2010 I established AUSGEN Generators Australia and decided to run with the Powerlink produced generators as our main product.

This decision was based on much research by travelling overseas to really find out who was going to supply us long term moving forward. During my many visits to manufacturers (who all by the way claim to be the best) there were certain criteria that need to be met. What makes a good power generator ?

    • Genuine parts from great manufacturers.
        • No good getting genuine engines I have never heard of or genuine copies


    • I need to be able to purchase parts and get support worldwide.


  • It must meet both Australian standards and conditions.
      • I found even the best-known brands didn’t meet both criteria


  • Australia is unique in the world. Tough standards and conditions



  • The design needs to be robust and reliable, it needs to work from -15oc to over 50oc. it needs to be silent, large fuel tank, bunded and I need to be able to service it easy. Oh, it needs to last a long time.



  • User friendly



I tried a few different brands over the years but only 1 was truly wanting to assist us in building the best generator you can to meet our needs for a competitive price.


I have been working with Powerlink now for 6 years and over that time we have developed as close as we can the best generator for the Australian Market. Our supply contracts are all done within Australia so I can be and my clients can be assured that all relevant laws and warranties are covered, there are no fake warranty deals. We use predominantly Cummins, Perkins and Kubota engines. Leroy Sommer, Meccalte and Stamford alternators. Deep Sea PLC and Comap control. ABB or Schneider switch gear.

All our warranty issues over the years have been met and addressed very fast by both Powerlink and their OEM partners.

I can safely say that by supplying and partnering with Powerlink products we truly can provide the equipment and service Australia demands.

If you would like to purchase a New diesel powered generator that we offer in our range from Kubota, Cummins, Perkins that all come with warranty please call us on

1300 287 436 and talk to Doug

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16/6 Badgally Road




1300 287 436


Yours Truly

Douglas Levings

Managing Director


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